Kids off to uni and then back home again, older parents staying for a while, guests over Christmas? Our home often needs to cater for more than just mum, dad and 2.4 children! Therefore being smart with space is key, make the most of your space with clever cupboards and storage or use an empty space to create more of your room. A great example of this is adding an island in your kitchen. It can take a void of space and create extra storage, extra seating and you can even house an appliance or two.

The Sanivite + is ideal for a kitchen or utility room and pump grey water away. With compact dimensions it can easily fit into a kitchen cupboard or behind a demountable panel.

As it’s all above improve don’t move currently, savvy homeowners are looking to add utility rooms and islands to make the most of their kitchen space. Also with the need for additional facilities for parents moving in or children moving back home many a garage, outbuilding or basement is being utilised for additional accommodation. Making these improvements to your home can be costly especially if you don’t have waste pipes and plumbing in the right places. This is where Saniflo can help! The Sanivite+ for example is a pump for kitchen waste water and can easily be used in an island so you can add a dishwasher and sink in your kitchen using small pipework and therefor not have to do lots of additional work.

So if you are looking to transform your kitchen, add a utility, create a granny annexe or make the most of your space there are lots of things to consider. Cost, time and getting the right professional in are top of the list, but hopefully with some Saniflo help you can do the work as easily as possible and without having to dig up floors and find sewage pipes, it may be cheaper than you expected too!