From garage to spacious bedroom & bathroom with a little help from Saniflo. When wheelchair user, Alan Bradley, obtained funding from his local authority to adapt his garage downstairs to a wheelchair friendly space, he undertook his own internet research to find products that were best for his needs. As well as a wetroom shower, the room required a WC that would facilitate the move from wheelchair to pan and a method of discharging waste without using gravity fed drainage.

The ingenious Sanimatic toilet system, complete with a Sanipack Pro Up macerator, looked to be the perfect combination for Alan’s needs. The wall mounted unit gives the user adjustable height control to accommodate accessibility requirements and includes a remote flushing handset to eliminate the need for twisting. The motorised frame is able to lift up to 150kg and suits the majority of wall-hung pans.

With an architect at his disposal to supervise the conversion, Alan presented his preferred options to both the Authority and the Architect who unanimously rejected his ideas; offering alternatives that didn’t match up to the requirement and were also more expensive. Determined to persist however, Alan and a long-standing plumber, Neil Whiston Plumbing and Heating, refused to give up and called the Technical Team at Saniflo to get further advice. Neil was astonished when one of the team offered to come out and assess the application for the customer;

“The team at Saniflo went above and beyong the call of duty to help me assess whether we could install a Sanimatic with a macerator in Alan’s new room. Nick, one of the tech team, met me on site to look at the job and confirmed the products that Alan found were fit for purpose. He then invited me to Saniflo’s traning rooms in Bedford where another member of the team, John, took a Sanimatic apart and demonstrated how easy it would be to install and connect a macerator”

The Sanimatic is designed to make life easier for anyone with limited mobility. This ingenious toilet system gives the user adjustable height control to accommodate any accessibility requirements and includes remote flushing to remove the need to twist around. Find out more here.

Armed with their new found knowledge, Alan and Neil presented their findings back to the officials who eventually approved for the works to go ahead with the Saniflo products. A modern Grohe WC was sourced to connect to the Sanimatic frame and the fixtures and fittings were installed in a stairway void behind the false wall connecting up to the mains drain inside the house. Neil took the opportunity to install a level floor wet room during the works and used a Sanifloor shower pump to drain the water away. The dual function pump sucks waste from the gully and pumps it horizontally underneath the floor, through the wall to the mains drain. This pump is unique in that it activates automatically when a sensor switch in the gully detects the water level; a useful feature in wetrooms.

“The service from Saniflo could not have been better. The products we installed were actualy much more cost effective too, so its saved the public purse and we got the perfect solution for Alan. The unit is super quiet and very qick, it is vert convenient and it has made life so much easier. Our plumber has been instrumental in persuading the local authority and he’s amde a fantastic job of the whole room. We are thrilled”