Located in the pretty village of Nornmanton in the East of Nottingham, there is a fabulous farm with a beautiful farmhouse. The farm is a working farm but it does open its doors to groups of local children coming to see the farm at work. This is a real treat for the local children, however the lack of a downstairs loo and area for the children to wash up was causing a problem. Fortunately one of the outbuildings which butted up to the edge of the farmhouse was unused and unloved – and this became the perfect solution!

Local builder Nigel Stone was on hand to look at the various option available and work out how to create this space into the cloakroom they so desperately needed. It was impractical to dig up paths leading to the septic tank, even a standard macerator would have involved too much internal plumbing and disruption, so the logical choice was to connect to an external pump. There was plumbing to an old WC 1.5 meters away and as this was just a small cloakroom needed the Sanifos 110 (the smallest in the range) was fitted.

The Sanifos 110 is  an underground lifting station. Perfect for installing outside of your building and where drainage is too low for the sewer. It can deal with waste from a single dwelling.

Nigel said “the process was quite straightforward once we identified the route for the outlet pipes. I have just removed an old WC which was connected to mains drainage. The drain is about 20 meters from where we have cited the Sanifos 110 and it has a rise of about 1-2 meters. We couldn’t have converted the cloakroom without a pumping station and the Saniflo Sanifos was an ideal solution. The addition of a downstairs WC has certainly added value to the property.”